Celia Fernandez

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Celia, a dedicated pet parent with a love for anime and video games, embarked on her apprenticeship journey in the early part of 2021, which eventually led her to discover the APP (Association of Professional Piercers).

Upon realizing the stark disparities between APP standards and her training, Celia sought improvement. As a result, she diligently searched for APP studios in West Palm Beach, and, in January of 2022, she joined the esteemed Master Pierce family. In April 2022, she successfully secured an apprenticeship at Master Pierce.

Even beyond the conclusion of her apprenticeship, Celia remains committed to continuous growth and excellence in her craft. Determined to provide the utmost level of service to her current and future clients, she will always find ways to refine her skills. Throughout her time at Master Pierce, she developed a passion for ear curation, firmly believing that piercings serve as a powerful form of self-expression.



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