Why are Piercings Popular?

This is a common question we often get asked everyday. For centuries different cultures have modified their bodies for a sign of wealth, beauty, and self-expression.

As it comes to piercings there’s never a right or wrong way to express yourself. You may be getting your first piercing or your 10th but no matter what you do, its your body and style!

Pop-culture is a major influence in today’s society; we see actors, models, and athletes strutting around with the newest up and coming trends whether it’s a new internet dancing craze, hairstyle, or tattoos, just like piercings most people love the way they look. 

Even though some people don’t like the way they look they sure do make a visual statement/impact!

When it comes to piercings you can dress them any which way you want. You can style your ears with a ‘Curated Ear Project’ or a more simplistic idea as a  nostril piercing. Well whichever way you decides to wear your piercing we know the self-confidence it has on someone, making them more self-assured.

They also can mark simply as a milestone such as a major achievement, memorable moment, or even simply a fun dare with friends. They do hold strong empowerment and memories for each and every person. 

Whatever your reason is to get pierced make sure it’s with Master Pierce Professional Piercings and Tattoos! We will help you decide what piercing you are looking for. 

Give us a call at 561-753-1770 to schedule an appointment with one of experienced and fun piercers! 

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