Myth Busting: Daith Piercings Cure Migraines

At least three times a day, someone walks in and asks us, “Do daith piercings cure migraines?” Short answer? There is no medical research that proves daith piercings cure migraines. Long answer? Things get a little bit more complicated.

The idea of a daith piercing as a migraine cure-all spirals out from acupuncture. Acupuncture is a common treatment for migraines. In the sessions, the acupuncturist uses a pressure point located in the daith to provide pain relief. Piercing your daith is supposed to result in the jewelry putting pressure on the same point 24/7, giving you permanent treatment. However, while some people with migraines say they have experienced relief from their symptoms after getting a daith piercing, the only evidence that supports this is purely anecdotal.

Any “results” from the treatment are believed to be attributable to the placebo effect, meaning they are temporary and psychological rather than physical. That being said, mind over matter is a very powerful thing, and we typically tell clients that it's worth the shot.


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