New APP Status

We are excited to announce that Master Pierce of The Mall at Wellington Green is now an APP compliant studio, and both of our piercers, Michael Brazell and Kayla Fulton, are APP members! We’ve worked diligently for the past 4 years to make this happen, and we couldn’t be prouder of all the hard work they have both put in. 

What is the APP? It stands for the Association of Professional Piercers and is an international health and safety organization. The APP is a united group of piercing professionals that freely share information to help fellow members, piercers, health care professionals, legislators, health inspectors, and the general public get the best and most up-to-date information about body piercing. APP business members uphold a set of safety and hygiene standards that are equal to or more stringent that those established by state or local governments. They also have knowledge of appropriate sterilization and and cross-contamination prevention, as well as CPR, first aid, and blood-borne pathogen certification. 

For more information on the Association of Professional Piercers, please visit their website here.

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