10 Tattoos Guaranteed To Get Your Spook On

Pumpkin Spice has arrived at Starbucks, Hocus Pocus is on Disney+, and every girl you know is wearing flannel.

You know what that means: it's officially Halloween. (Don't try to tell me it's September; it's Halloween.)

In honor of this spookiest of seasons, here are 10 tattoos our wonderful artist, Matt (IG: @mattattooed), suggests for the discerning Halloween enthusiast. Check them out below:

1. A Skull

To boo, or not to boo, that is the question. And what better way to ponder that question than with your own skull tattoo?

2. A Black Cat
In need of a witch's familiar but plagued with a fatal allergy to dander? Go for the most hypoallergenic cat there is: the tattoo cat!

3. A Ghost

If it ain't broke, don't fix it, right? And there's definitely nothing broken about the classic ghost tattoo.

4. A Knife

Because nothing says “I love Halloween” like making people think you might be a serial killer, right? Right?

5. A Tombstone

Are you lover of all things spooky, or do you just like hanging around graveyards? Only you know the truth behind this tombstone tattoo!

6. A Spider

If creepy-crawlies are your type of spooky, then a spider tattoo may be just what you need! (Don't show it to me, though. I don't...spider...)

7. A Jack O'Lantern
Why sit and wait for the pumpkin patch to open when you can carry your jack o'lantern with you everywhere you go?

8. A Grim Reaper

Why must a reaper always be grim? Maybe the job comes with benefits and paid vacation- that would make me anything BUT grim. (In case my boss reads this, I am 100% satisfied with my job status :D)

9. A Vampire

Screaming relaxes her so... Name one better vampire tattoo choice than Vampira herself. I'll wait.

10. A Zombie

He may want brains, but we want candy! (Yes, I'm an adult. Yes, I go trick or treating.)

There you have it - 10 tattoos guaranteed to keep you in a Hallow's Eve state of mind year-round!

All the tattoos and designs you've seen here are courtesy of our artist, Matt. If you would like any of the designs for yourself, or if you've got an even spookier idea, feel free to reach out for an appointment with him at (561)444-9561!

Happy Halloween, all you cool cats and kittens!

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