Minors (all persons under the age of 18) must be accompanied by his/her/their parent and/or legal guardian. 

Valid government-issued photo identification for BOTH minor and accompanying adult must be presented at the time of the piercing. (Driver's Permit/License or Passport/Passport Card)

In the case of differing last names or the presentation of non-government-issued photo identification, a birth certificate or court document denoting legal guardianship must be presented alongside photo identification.

You can print off your own copies of both the Notarized Consent Form and the Minor Release Form here and here.


Minors Under Age 13

Master Pierce has made the decision to no longer pierce any children under the age of 7. If the child in question is between the ages of 7 and 12, a consult prior to the actual piercing is required. Without that consultation, we will not pierce the child. Going through the consultation does NOT guarantee a piercing for the child. It is entirely within the piercer's discretion to approve or reject the child as a client.

No minor will be pierced the day of their consult; a second appointment is necessary and will require a $15 deposit that can be finalized here.

The day of the piercing there is a strict 30 minute window to finish the procedure. If the piercing cannot be successfully completed within that 30 minutes, a second appointment may be made with an additional $15 deposit.

If you would like to schedule a consult, click here.

For all information regarding our decision to not pierce infants, click here.