Pricing & Services

Piercing and Jewelry Pricing

We carry a large variety of jewelry at Master Pierce which means price is completely subject to the jewelry you chose for your piercing. Here is the general format:
 Piercing Procedure Fee   +    Cost of Complete Piece of Jewelry   =    Price     (before tax and aftercare)
Our prices reflect the quality of materials being used along with the time and dedication to cleanliness and professionalism we value in the studio.

To schedule a consultation or appointment with one of our piercers, click here.

Piercing Fees 

Single Piercing - $40     Double Piercing - $50   Three or more Piercings - $60
Specialty Piercings - $75+
Minimum Cost with Plain Basic Jewelry (Titanium Beads)- $90+

Tattoo Pricing

Our tattoo artists quote their pieces depending on a number of variables. The size of the tattoo, color versus plain linework, and even the art style are brought into consideration along with other factors. For this reason, our artists will quote any client for their planned piece individually rather than an hourly amount.

For further information on tattoos, please fill out a brief questionnaire for either MattClarke & Jet