Why We Say No: Navel Piercings

Here at Master Pierce studio we get a lot of clients asking for a navel piercing every day. Quite a few times, we have to refuse for the well-being of the client. The anatomy of a navel is rather complex. Depending on the shape, curvature, and depth of your belly button, the piercing may not heal, and the jewelry could cause long-term damage to your body.

One of the more common anatomies we see is a “closing navel”. We use this term to describe a belly button that fully collapses whenever the client sits down or bends at the waist. If a closing navel is pierced with standard jewelry (bead or gem on bottom/bead or gem on top), then the constant pressure and movement of the surrounding area can potentially lead to irritation, migration, and eventual rejection of the jewelry.

To circumvent this, we use a style of jewelry known as a “floating navel curve”. It has a disk at the bottom and a gem or bead on top. This allows the navel the ability to fold without causing any interference or issue with the piercing. Once the piercing heals, the client is free to wear almost any style of jewelry they wish without any problems.

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