My Job Doesn't Like My Piercings

We understand wanting piercings. You want them on your ears, your body, and your face. Unfortunately, sometimes our lifestyles – work, family, school – don't feel the same way. Even more unfortunately, sometimes we have to lose the argument.

If your piercing has been a part of your facial landscape longer than your job, we encourage the use of retainers. Retainers come in plastic and shatterproof borosilicate glass. Plastic retainers do not last as long, and they tend to break or bend out of shape with repeated use. Glass retainers have a slight shine to them that can catch the light, so it can be a bit noticeable.

Another option is a textured disc. They come in a variety of shades in pink, brown, and gold that allow them to blend with almost any skin tone and appear as a freckle, mole, or beauty mark. These tend to be the most successful when family events or work require you to hide your piercings.

If you have stretched your ears, hider plugs are your most viable option. We have some in stock, and they also come in multiple skin tones. A minor application of makeup can go a long way if they do not match exactly. While it will still be fairly obvious that you have enlarged earlobes, it is still more discreet than most forms of jewelry.

While work and other ventures may become a bit of an obstacle, that does not mean abandoning your piercings are your only option. Sometimes it is inevitable, but we are happy to help you find a suitable compromise for every situation.

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