Inessa Zhukova


My name is Inessa Zhukova, I was born in Moscow, Russia – and through all my life my main passion always had been Art. 
I had been working as a full-time artist for more than 10 years, - I have done a lot of works in various media – painting, airbrush, fine art, portraits, murals, automotive, tattooing and everything else that makes me inspired.  I participated in different projects, one of the recent ones was painting at a Museum of 3D illusions in Hollywood. I had worked as an art teacher as well, and my articles were published in world known magazines.


The most encouraging feeling for me though through all my career always had been seeing my customers happy with the projects that we perform . Especially in tattooing –when we walk together through the process of creation some unique idea, which has a very specific meaning for a person and will stay on him forever - i take this trust as great honor and responsibility, and always make sure to do my best to make you happy.