Minor Consultation with Kayla

Minor Consultation with Kayla

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Master Pierce has made the decision to no longer pierce any children under the age of 7. If the child in question is between the ages of 7 and 12, a consult prior to the actual piercing is required.

Without that consultation, we will not pierce the child. Going through the consultation does NOT guarantee a piercing for the child. It is entirely within the piercer's discretion to approve or reject the child as a client.

No minor will be pierced the day of their consult; a second appointment is necessary and will require a $15 deposit that can be finalized the day of the consult.

The day of the piercing there is a strict 30 minute window to finish the procedure. If the piercing cannot be successfully completed within that 30 minutes, a second appointment may be made with an additional $15 deposit.