Why We Say No: Snake Eyes

The “snake eyes” piercing is an oral piercing that we at Master Pierce have taken a stance against. It's considered a fad piercing, and, as with most fad piercings, there are multiple risks involved with it.

There’s a high risk of rejection and cracking or chipping of the teeth. The tongue consists of two muscles which are connected by the piercing, preventing independent movement. This can lead to speech impediments and troubles eating. The tongue is an extremely resilient muscle, and, over time, it will force out the curved barbell as a foreign object. This will leave behind a tract of scar tissue in the tongue.

The healing time is usually 2-3 months for a full stabilization, and there is always the threat of the beads snagging on something. During the healing time, a consequence of that could be the entire piece of jewelry tearing out. A standard tongue piercings is considered safer because the placing of the piercing is in the same tissue that can be safely sheared for tongue bifurcation. This means the body will adapt to it a bit easier.

Usually, a fad piercing is very short lived in popularity. Traditional piercings a re tried and true, and they have lasted in the industry because of that fact. While we are certain, the snake eyes piercing will cycle its way back to the top of the list again, Master Pierce will not be a party to it.


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