Zodiac Signs: Tattoo Edition

Here's our take on the trending, Zodiac Signs. Comment below and let us know what you think, is it accurate or to far fetched?

Aquarius has a very strong and dominate personality. You are independent, and from time to time you can be true extroverts. You are, by nature, very tolerant, so you can learn to be more forgiving if you chose. This tattoo represents just that, holding the water in your hands with beauty and steadiness, allowing all worries to fall through.
Pisces are able to adapt emotionally to any environment. You can be very compassionate, sensitive, and very understanding but sometimes you can get caught up on your emotions and focus on your inner self and journey. This tattoo shows that your soul is as free as a bird and can be anywhere in the world with self stability.
Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and you like to be the first in everything! A natural-born leader, the fearless ram is able to get things going in an instant and is willing to try anything, although this sign sometimes takes on more than can be accomplished. You are extremely dynamic and energetic, and you have to constantly stay busy. The female warrior in this tattoos shows her strength through her eyes and how strong she perceives herself; along with her beauty she is utterly captivating and alluring. 
Taurus, you are practical and reliable, you place a very high value on stability and security. You are very faithful and patient, but when you become angry,you can easily transform into an infuriated bull! But you are very kind hearted, stable temperament, and have constant devotion to make your relationships fruitful. Your tattoo shows a person watering their head with the quote " Take Care Of Yourself", you can get caught up in your life and sometimes can forget to do self care and self love acts of kindness, love yourself and stay strong to who YOU are. 
Geminis are often mentally gifted and quite intellectually inclined. You are usually very well informed; you always try to gather as much information as you can, which helps you easily adapt to any situation. At the same time, you tend to be not the most emotionally stable sign and can be very moody and change their opinions rapidly. This tattoo is called a 'Face Ambigram' meaning is can be viewed the same flipped, the demond and lady shows the two sides of Geminis, perfectly balanced. 
Cancer, where do I begin, you often like to hide in your shell, finding inner comfort at home and making your house a beloved fortress. You are very protective of your loved ones, you are also very strong-willed. You need to learn how to balance your emotions because you tend to be overly sensitive and moody but that is due to how deeply you feel! The tarot card, 'The Moon' moonchild, shows two wolves howling at the night sky; the strength and love they have for the nature and moon. 
Leo's you are the most creative and ambitious signs. You love to be the center of attention, and you often are because you are enthusiastic, courageous, loyal, and generous. What more true to being the center of attention would a T-Rex on a balance ball be, you love showing your fun and energetic side and okay to let loose more often than not. 
Virgo is represented by a female, therefore you are delicate and sensitive,yet, at the same time, you can be critical and picky. Virgos may appear cold they feel deeply and are in fact very reliable in all your relationships making a very desirable friend and partner. The Egyptian Scarab is exactly just that, the Goddess Cleopatra, who is described as the most beautiful, shows inside the gems encrusted in its beauty and the beetle shows strength and immortality. 
Libras are elegant and charming, with a great love of beauty and harmony. You know how to appreciate the various pleasures of life, and they are naturally kind. You are even-tempered, you can be very social and diplomatic, and you are one of the most empathetic of the signs. Having two lavender flowers caressing against the most sensitive part of your body, the ribs, show your elegance and strength in life. 
Scorpios is one of the most profound and outwardly impressive signs of the zodiac, with a very intense and emotional energy that makes them stand out among friends. Your personality is truly magnetic, yet thy can be volatile and unpredictable at times, like a volcano - but that's only because you experience deep passion. This tattoo shows exactly that, snakes are very beautiful creatures but also unpredictable at times as well, its also weaving through cherry blossoms that show their simplicity in nature. 
Sagittarius is noticeably restless sign with a deep love of traveling and exploring. You may not always be sure what they are shooting at but your mission to find perfection in everything could potentially cause this sign disappointment. Sagittarius's positive attitude and natural curiosity help to keep yourself going and you rarely give up.  The tattoo of the moon nestled inside a bundle of flowers, shows the beauty and strength of them together can show balance and elegance of the two combined.
Capricorn is stable, serious, and confident, you are a natural goal setter who accomplishes a lot when working under definite guidelines. Capricorns above all love structure and order, you can be quite stubborn as well as determined and ambitious.  A mythical dragon holding a ying-yang stone, showing the balance of your structure and order along with empowering ambitions.

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