Why We Say No: Surface Anchors

We are asked rather frequently if we do dermal piercings, otherwise known as surface anchors. The answer is “yes” provided the client understands a few things, first. There are a few places on the body where we will not insert a base; these tend to be the wrist or arm, any place that is particularly thin-skinned, or any place that has physical remnants of physical trauma.

Another thing we strive to help clients understand is that surface anchors are temporary. They can remain in the body anywhere from 5 – 15 years, but they will eventually become dislodged from the body. While we know of various cases where individuals have maintained an anchor or anchors beyond that, they are usually isolated outliers from the average.

Something we have found to be a large contributor to the rapid loss of our clients' anchors is the physical make-up of the anchor. Most shops carry and use a base that is the rough shape of a human foot: 

By design, this anchor tends to be slightly unbalanced. Over time, depending on the size of the anchor's adornment, the dermal starts tilting out of the skin. This is what is normally referred to as migration or rejection.

Some time ago, an internationally-acclaimed body modification artist known as Samppa Von Cyborg designed a new form of base: 

Since using Samppa's anchors, we've seen a massive turnaround in healing times, piercing longevity, and anatomy versatility. As ever, the Master Pierce team strives to find and utilize the best procedures and technology we can to produce the best and safest results for our clients. Because of this, we made the decision to move forward SOLELY with the anchor created by Samppa Von Cyborg.

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