Master pierce piercing store

Store Phone Number: (561) 753-1770

Some will say its Evolutionary, we just think, its About Time. Now you have a choice.

Forget what you know about piercing shops, Master Pierce is changing how people feel about Body Piercing. Now you have a choice.

We wanted to do something new, so we threw out the old format and built a Piercing Store from scratch so we could give you a brand new piercing experience.

We knew location was important so we got a big, shiny new spot inside the Mall at the Wellington Green. Next, we designed the interior to be warm, comfortable and modern. We filled it, wall to wall, with the largest collection of body jewelry that you have ever seen. Finally, we added an experienced and helpful staff to help you pick out new jewelry for any piercing. We can even help you put your jewelry in for you.

Our piercers are State-Licensed, well trained, and backed by our 20 years of retail and piercing experience. Sterilization is hospital grade and we only pierce with Implant quality, internally threaded jewelry to help insure that there is no infections with your piercings.

For your convenience, we offer:
• The best aftercare products on the market
• Free notary for your underage consent form.
• Take a Picture of your piercing in our Photo Booth.

Come see what we created just for you.

Store Phone Number: (561) 753-1770


Call us or email us for piercing appointment.