Employment Opportunity

At Master Pierce, it’s the employee’s that makes the difference.
We need employees that are willing to learn, loves to meet new people, and will make the extra effort to help our customers find exactly what they want.
We are looking for sales associates, managers and piercers.

We are looking for individuals that would like to become professional piercers. Must be over 21, drug free and willing to relocate.

Turn your love of piercing into a career with Master Pierce!

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Our employees talk


“Here at Master Pierce we put our efforts towards health and safety. I have pierced professionally for over five years now and what I have learned is that there is still a lot to learn. Master Pierce encourages growth and I for one appreciate that very much, don’t you? We are always moving forward because we believe there is always room for improvement. Using implant grade, internally threaded jewelry is only one of our safety practices to ensure you receive the safest and cleanest piercing possible. I would encourage you to give Master Pierce a try next time you find yourself needing a piercing related service, you won’t be disappointed! ”

Michael Brazell- Master Pierce Head Piercer.

“After 2 years and 5 jobs, I finally found one worth bragging about. Working for Master Pierce is like having a family around you all the time. The staff and management is great and our piercers are the best in the industry. The staff that works here all interacts for an easy and pleasurable work environment. The jewelry we sell at Master Pierce is of the highest quality. All employee are trained by managers with 15 years of retail and sales experience. Through years of real life knowledge, they make the training easy to learn. We have many locations so there are opportunities to be a store manager or even a district manager. Master Pierce is what you can call a dream job and nothing else compares. Come on in, experience a new kind of piercing shop with the people you can rely on.”

Aaron-Master Pierce Sales Associate.

“I have been working as a salesman at Master Pierce for over 6 months and I have enjoyed every minute. I truly look forward to coming in each and every day because I know our quality products make people happy. I am also very fond of the management team at Master Pierce. Honestly, for the first time in my life, I can consider my employers as my friends. They have been very fair to me and have taught me a great deal of sales and business techniques that I know will help me be successful in running my own business one day. Furthermore, I have recently been given the opportunity by Master Pierce to open and manage a new location. My bright future is finally becoming a reality, and I owe it all to my hard work and my generous employers. From here, the sky is the limit!

Matt- Master Pierce Sales Associate.

“I’ve had a total of 7 jobs. Not one of those jobs can be compared to my experience at Master Pierce. I was working two other jobs when i started working here I quit one and lowered my availability at the other with out any hesitation so I could work more hours here. It was completely worth it! I’ve been working at Master Pierce for only a short time but I can already say that I have learned more here than I did at any of my other jobs and I still have so much to learn. Connecting with my costumers is so much easier knowing what I learned at Master Pierce. Im no longer shy or afraid to speak up. The experience is incredible and just what I was looking for! I feel comfortable with all of my coworkers and its easy to talk to my managers. We are a little family with so much room for improvement! Thank you, Master Pierce!

Brandy- Master Pierce Sales Associate.