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You get what you pay for …

.. And we are the most expensive around. ; ) But seriously, Master Pierce is proud to only pierce with high quality, internally threaded, implant grade steel and titanium. This type of jewelry is more expensive which makes our piercing prices higher but well worth the Investment when you see the results.

When body jewelry is implant grade, this means it is made out of the same grade of steel and titanium that is used in surgeries. Other shops only use surgical grade which is ironically never used in surgeries. The difference between the two grades is that nickel, which is harmful to the body, never touches your surrounding skin in implant grade. Nickel is the main reason piercings can get infected and/or reject. We at Master Pierce can see a huge difference when customers have problems with their piercings and we switch them out to our implant grade jewelry.

Internally threaded body jewelry means the threads are on the inside of the shaft. This allows for more turns on the threading which helps prevent the ball from falling off, which is common in externally threaded jewelry. Since the threads are not on the outside of the shaft there is no pain when inserting the jewelry. To you as a customer this means our piercings are half as painful as ones done with external threads.

So now you see that there is a big difference between high quality body jewelry and the kind used in regular shops. So ask for it by name and demand only to be pierced with internally threaded, implant grade titanium or steel. This will improve your piercing experience and healing. If you have more questions about implant jewelry, feel free to e-mail

us at our website or Facebook page. For more helpful information, follow us on Twitter @ MasterPierceBPJ.

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