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Why did you pierce that?

“Why did you get your neck pierced!?!?”, I heard today while in line at the corner gas station by a very direct lady. If you have piercings, you know what I’m talking about. Normally, I just say the regular line, “because I like it”, but today it made me ask myself why. Why do I have pieces of metal stuck through my skin in various parts of my body? Why have I spent so much money on it. And in my specific case, why have I dedicated the last 20 years to professionally putting little pieces of metal in various parts of other people’s body? My simple answer to this complex question – Because I like it.

Doesn’t matter who you are or what you look like. It doesn’t matter how old you are or how much money you have. Body piercing connects a large group of people. I love being pierced and the attention that I get from it. It is a great way to start a conversation with strangers. It is a part of me that in a way, defines me. As I write this, I’m having a hard time thinking of a negative thing to say about being pierced. I guess many/most/all would agree with me, i love being pierced.

How do you explain that to someone? So next time someone asks you why? Just tell them, because I like it.

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