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What’s That Ear Piercing Called? Part 3 – The Daith

This is probably my all time favorite piercing to do and see. For me, it’s perfect in so many ways. It looks natural in the ear. It heals better than any other ear piercing when performed correctly with the right jewelry. It’s the only ear piercing that you can sleep on the very first night (although, I don’t recommend it) because of how the ear protects the piercing. It’s
as if the ear wants you to have this piercing. :) This placement is not defined on everyone, but if you follow your forward helix dipping towards your ear canal the daith attaches to the inside bowl of your ear. I want to have my daith piercings done if I ever meet a piercer with as much experience and love for this piercing as I do for them. Enough about me, let’s get back to the Daith.

This piercing was first imagined by a college student learning Hebrew. She researched great piercers and found Eric Dakota to do the piercing. The piercing was named after the He- brew word for knowledge but there is no direct translations so it became Daath which is now known as Daith. She says that she named it after knowledge because she felt it would take a piercer with great knowledge of both anatomy and piercing.

The aftercare for all these piercings is the same. Use H2Ocean after showers, before bed and anytime that you can see little “crusties” on your piercing. Don’t move your jewelry, it will only slow your healing. Don’t change your jewelry for at least 2 months and I always suggest that a professional piercer changes it the first time. Here at Master Pierce, we have a larger selection of body jewelry that will be found at most common shops and we will change out your jewelry for you in a clean professional manner.

So there you have it. The most popular inner cartilage piercings. I hope you enjoyed learning about them as much as I did writing about them.


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