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What’s That Ear Piercing Called? Part 2 – The Rook

Welcome back to the second installment of inner ear piercings. This week we are talking about the Rook piercing. It gets its name from its inventor, . He says its a shorten version of his first name. It didn’t make sense to me either, but I have met him and know from experience that he is an awesome piercer and person and is responsible for many things in modern body piercing. He also invented next week’s piercing, the Daith, but enough about Mr. Dakota.

The rook piercing is traditionally pierced with a curved 18 or 16 gauged needle through the anti-helix right about the tragus. Several types of jewelry can be used, captive bead rings, cir- cular barbells, but its the curved barbell that heals the quickest and easiest. Personally, I think the curved barbells look the best too, especially when using better quality jewelry. Master Pierce has a huge selection for this piercing.

Like the tragus piercing, the rook is highly vulnerable to getting little red bumps around the piercing. There are a million and one cures on the internet to fix them but I would rather that they never occur in the first place. These bumps are called hypertrophic scarring and they are made from the pressure of sleeping on them. So buy yourself a donut shaped pillow or an airplane neck pillow and put your pierced ear in the pillow hole. This way, you can sleep like you would normally, but there won’t be any pressure on your new piercing. And always remember to only get pierced with Implant grade jewelry like what we use at Master Pierce. Other shops use surgical grade and it has nickel that touches the body and can cause infec- tions and rejections.

Next week we will talk about my favorite ear piercing, the Daith and talk about the aftercare for all these piercings. See you soon.

Rook Piercing-Master Pierce

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