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What’s That Ear Piercing Called? Part 1 – The Tragus

Here’s your chance to know the names, locations, aftercare, and some information about the three most common inner ear piercings – the Tragus, the Rook and the Daith. Since there is too much information for just one Blog entry, we broke it up in to three sections so keep reading each week for the entire article.

Let’s start with the most popular inner cartilage piercing, the Tragus. This cute and fun piercing is named after the body part it is done through, the little knob of skin and cartilage that sticks out in front of the ear canal. I call it “the little ear flapping thing”. The procedure is performed using a curved needle and a variety of jewelry can be used. The initial healing time is 6 – 8 weeks but that can vary greatly depending on a several reasons. Almost every type of body jewelry can be used to pierce the tragus – a captive bead ring, circular barbell, curved bar- bell, straight barbell but a labret post will heal the fastest and easiest.

The popularity of the tragus is due to many reasons. It can be easily seen by the wearer and their friends, tons of great jewelry can be bought for it, and the there is very little pain involved. It feels more like tugging on your ear than an actual piercing. Since Master Pierce only uses Implant grade, internally threaded jewelry, there is no nickel touching your skin to ensure no infections, there are no sharp threads on the outside so you won’t feel pain when the jewelry is inserted and you can get different colors and sizes of the gems.

We will discuss more about this piercing in the upcoming weeks as we talk about the other cartilage piercings.

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