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What’s Proper Etiquette When Dealing With a Piercer

Here’s a question that I get a lot so I decided to talk a little about it. I’ve thought about before but how do you tell someone to act a certain way without sounding too pretentious? I’m not sure either but I’m going to try. Here we go.

First, if you have a question, ask your piercer. Don’t be afraid. We have heard it all before. There is nothing too dumb to ask. We realize that you don’t pierce for a living and will have questions and we would rather you ask us that one of your friends and be led the wrong way. While we are on this subject, don’t wait to ask your question. If you notice something weird, it is better to ask sooner than later.

Second, listen to your piercer. If you have found a piercer that you trust then it is in your best interest to listen to him or her because they are basing their answers on what works or doesn’t work. If you decide to do something the piercer advices not to then don’t get upset with that piercer. You were warned.

Yes, tipping is accepted. Not only accepted but highly appreciated because piercers live off their tips just like waitresses do so tip them in the same manner and percentage as you would if you went out for a nice dinner.

Don’t ask if it will hurt. Of course it will. It is much more acceptable if you ask how it will feel but the best thing is to accept that all piercings feel like a quick pinch and then it’s over. Save your questions for the healing. Aftercare is more important and takes much longer.

Buy the recommended aftercare. This is not the time to be cheap. We aren’t going through all the effort of buying, stocking and selling it for the few simple bucks of profits. We do it because we care about your piercing even when you don’t.

There you have it. Just a few inside tips. I hope it wasn’t to awful. I wasn’t sure how to explain. If you have any further questions, drop us a PM on our Master Pierce Facebook page. Until next week, you are what you modify.

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