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Tongue Piercing: Avoiding the Risks

If you want to have your tongue pierced, we strongly encourage you to follow a few precautionary guidelines to protect your oral and overall health:
Choose a reputable piercing studio. Ask about sterilization procedures, and make sure you’re comfortable with the level of infection control the studio practices.
Ask your piercer about after care, and follow cleaning instructions to the letter. Rinse with Biotene multiple times daily, and brush your teeth and tongue jewelry to remove plaque.
Purchase a starter barbell made from surgical stainless steel to prevent an allergic reaction. Jewelry with plastic balls are gentler on teeth and oral tissues.
Once your tongue is pierced, the AGD recommends that you dont touch the piercing since this can cause infection from bacteria on your fingers. If you see any sign of infection, see your dentist immediately.
People with pierced tongues should practice a stellar oral hygiene regimen.
Piercing parlors sell plastic plugs to retain the piercing when jewelry is not worn.
Most importantly, people with pierced tongues should see a dentist regularly to make sure tongue and teeth stay healthy.

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