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The Seductive Nipple Piercing


No other piercing gives off as much fascination as the nipple piercing. No matter who you are, everyone has strong feelings for or against this piercing I have found. In my opinion, there isn’t a sexier piercing for both men and women but I’m biased having my nipples pierced for nearly 2 decades.
The origin is unclear but we know it was written about in Vogue in the 1890’s. Then it became popular in the gay communities in the 1970’s. Surprises me that there is still so much unknown about this piercings, but I’ll answer some common questions that I receive.
Nipple piercings are done at the base of any nipple here at Master Pierce. Usually pierced horizontally, but they can be done in any direction. They can take months to heal, but proper placement and implant grade barbells will lessen the healing time. Yes, you can breast feed after having your nipples pierced but it is recommended to take out the jewelry. It’s true that your nipples will slightly increase in size but they are not permanently erect. Most people claim to have increased sensations after getting pierced.

So in short, nipple piercings are easy to get. So if you’re thinking of getting them pierced, take it from someone that knows, do them today, but make sure the piercer only uses implant grade jewelry and check their portfolios. Until next week, this is Hardt Von Sachs saying, take care of your piercings and your piercings will take care of you.

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