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Surface bars vs. Microdermals.

Pros of Surface bars:

1.Surface piercings are a lot more cost effective especially since they appear to be at 2 points per bar

2. Surface piercings are easier to put in and take out

3. You don’t have the “per…manent” factor
Cons of Surface bars:

1. Rejection rate is based on movement, placement and impact damage amongst other things

2. Takes a lot longer to heal

3. Can randomly reject even if it’s well established

4. really bad scars can arise, especially if rejection isn’t caught early
Pros of Microdermals:

1. A lot lower rejection rate

2. Can work on more places on the body

3. A lot more options for tops

4. Very small scars if rejected
Cons of Microdermals:

1. More espensive usually

2. Rejection rate also varies by location

3. Have to go back to a tattoo shop for removal (having a surgery or using a scapel for removel is a rumor, but I wouldn’t suggest removing a healthy one by yourself)

What do you think?

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