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smoking with a new oral piercing

smoking with new oral piercing
So here’s the straight truth about smoking with a new oral piercing. Don’t worry, this isn’t a bash on smokers article. I’m only going to explain what smoking does to piercings on a biological level. Here we go…
Smoking delays healing due to the nicotine and carbon dioxide that’s in it. Nicotine is a vasodilator which means its reduces the amount of blood in the blood vessels that helps heal a piercing. This results in tissue ischemia which is a fancy word meaning that it causes the tissue to slowly die.
Carbon monoxide slows down the oxygen traveling to your tissues. It also blocks the enzymes your cells need to use the oxygen so it’s a double problem. Slow oxygen and no enzymes to process it.
So as you see, it’s best not to smoke while healing your new piercing. At the very least, cut down as much as possible. Well, that’s it for this week. This is Hardt Von Sachs. You are what you modify.
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