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Shannon Larratt, RIP.

On March 15th, the world of body modification lost one of its brightest lights. Shannon Larratt was the creator and publisher of BMEzine, the first and oldest online community and news source for the modified population. He will always be remembered.
In 1994, after working as a computer programmer, he created the very first website for body modification of all types. He also created BME.IAM, which is similar to MySpace or Facebook but years ahead of them and dedicated to people that was involved in the body adornment way of life. When he created and founded these sites, you had to pay by the minute for Internet service!
Over my 20 years piercings, I have looked up information on piercings and jewelry on BME thousands of times. I have taught every apprentice how to use the site and become a member of IAM. So many fond memories over the years are tied to this single site. Countless others have been affected in even stronger ways. It gave a voice to so many people that felt lost and alone. In a world that limits free speech, Shannon was a champion for the cause.
If you enjoy any form of body modification and haven’t visited BMEzine, take a minute and introduce yourself to a whole new world of like minded individuals. Who knows, it might change your life like it has ours.
Master Pierce would like to extend our warmest regards and deepest remorse to the family and loved ones of Shannon Larratt. He will be greatly missed.

Shannon Larratt

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