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Septum Piercing

Few piercings make a bigger impression than the septum piercing. Big or small, mild to wild, the septum helps you stand out in a crowd. When properly done, I love how this piercing looks on males and females. There are so many great pieces of jewelry available at Master Pierce that there is literally something for everyone. I have had mine since 1994 and I still love it.

This piercing has been around for centuries. Members of the old Mayan, Aztec and Inca civilizations were very fond of body piercing and septum piercings were particularly very common. A pierced septum with large pieces of jewelry inserted through it gave the face a fierce appearance. This was just the effect needed to scare enemies.

In later days, it was practiced by many North American tribes. The practice is still very popular in parts of countries like India, Tibet and Nepal.

A septum is pierced above the cartilage that separates the nostrils but below the nose in a spot that is tradition- ally called “the sweet spot” Modern piercers favor using “septum clamps” because they can easily find and secure this spot better than previous techniques. It is most commonly pierced using either a 16 or 14 gauze needle and the initial jewelry can be a captive bead ring (CBR), a circular barbell (CBB) or a septum retainer. If there is a need to hide from work or family, this piercing can be hidden easier and better than others by wearing a flipped up circular barbell or septum retainer.

In the past, this piercing was primarily performed on men, but in more recent years, more women request this piercing than men. At Master Pierce, our average septum customer is female, from the ages of 16 – 50 and prefer to wear 16g circular barbells. If work allows it, a small ring without a bead that hugs the septum makes a classy impression and looks great on either sex .

If you love this piercing as much as I do, now is your time to get it done. It makes the perfect addition to an existing collection or an unforgettable single piercing. Here at Master Pierce, the septum is nearly painless due to the way we pierce it and you will love the selection of jewelry that we offer so schedule your appointment today or just come in. When you’re ready to be unique, we will be ready for you.

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