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This is what I heard from behind me today. As an experienced piercer, I have heard this question many times, but I didn’t expect such a small voice presenting me with such a big problem. As you can see by the picture, her scarring was so bad that it looked like the skin was covering the microdermal top. After I asked her a few questions, here’s what I learned.

While she was visiting Sin City (Las Vegas, NV), she had an unfamiliar piercer perform 4 chest microdermals about a year ago. One of the tops came off 6-8 weeks ago while wrestling with her brother. She went to the local piercer of the small town in Florida where she lives. The piercer told her that the Vegas piercer used an off-sized threading and he didn’t have any tops that would work so she left upset and frustrated. For 2 months, the scarring got worse and so did her moral. She couldn’t make a trip to Vegas and she was told no one would have size. She thought about surgery but who can afford it? Little did she know, help was right around the corner.

During a casual visit to the mall an hour away, she ran across our store, and talked to me. I told her that it wouldn’t be a routine removal but that I was confident I could remove it. Since there was so much scaring, removal was our only option. After a short period in the piercing room, yours truly had successfully removed her microdermal and she was extremely excited… Until I told her that the threading was a traditional 14g size and that 90% of all shops use this size. It’s a safe bet that her local piercer is the only one around that doesn’t.

The point of this story is a simple but easily forgotten one. ALWAYS GET A SECOND OPINION. Had she tried a different shop the next day, there’s an excellent chance that the second piercer would have had tops in the right threading and she could’ve saved her piercing. Hindsight is always 20/20, but with a little extra work, mistakes can be avoided. So next time a piercer tells you something that doesn’t sound right, feel free to drop by our store or PM us on our Facebook page if you don’t live locally. We will do everything we can to help answer your questions.

That’s the end of this week’s blog that I’m now calling – Pierce Life. Let us know if you loved or hated what you just read by leaving us comments in the area below. You can even offer suggestions for a future Pierce Life blog. If we use your suggestion, we will send you a free Master Pierce shirt or Pierce Me hat. Everyone loves free stuff! So until next week, this is Hardt VonSachs with Master Pierce. You are what you modify.

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