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Piercings and the Movies

Why is it that only the bad guys in the movies have piercings? It’s a bad stereotype that I see all the time and which it would stop. I’ve been piercing for 20 years and never have I ever pierced someone that looks like one of these people. My customers are just average people. Hard working people that want to express themselves creatively. It’s not fair that Hollywood depicts us like some kind of evil heathens that not even a mother could love. I’m more afraid of the man in a suit and tie and what he will do than anyone with a piercing.

In HealthDay I read about a survey they did. Among their results they took a huge leap and said this about people with body piercing “Individuals that receive piercings often have many psychological problems …which is associated with a wide range of potentially harmful behaviors, such as alcohol use, smoking, drug use, high-risk sex, Russian roulette and problem gambling” What?!? Russian roulette? Has anyone reading this ever wanted to play a game of Russian roulette? Maybe we should offer a game of Russian roulette with our piercings.

So I want to hear from all of you, the pierced community. Leave me links of examples that you have seen that puts people in a bad light simply because they are pierced. Leave me suggestions of what we can do to have our voices heard that we aren’t these types of people and we won’t allow it to continue. I look forward to hearing from everyone. This is Hardt Von Sachs and you are what you modify.

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