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Oral Dangers

oral piercing

This week we are talking to all of those that have or want oral piercings. There are some things you should or shouldn’t do if you want a healthy, happy piercing that’s located in or around your mouth.
First, Aftercare. DON’T USE LISTERINE! Or any of the other regular mouthwashes. If its strong enough to rip plague and gingivitis from your mouth then it’s too strong for your piercing. We at Master Pierce suggest Biotene 2-3 times daily for the first 2 months. For oral piercings that need cleaned outside your mouth, use H2Ocean as directed by our aftercare instructions. You can download it in our Download section.
Second, irritation. DON’T PLAY WITH YOUR PIERCING! I know it’s fun. I know you have an oral fixation, but leave your piercing alone and let it heal. Trust me, your piercing will love you if you’re not always biting, tonguing or messing with it.
Lastly, proper jewelry. Wearing shoes of the wrong size and material hurts your feet. It’s the same with your piercing. Invest in quality jewelry that is the right size. You look silly with that lip jewelry sticking out like some kind of antenna and its causing trauma and scarring to your hole.
That’s all for this week. You all know what to do. Tune in next week for another exciting tidbit of piercing information. Email/message us if you have an interesting topic or question you would like us to cover. Until next time remember, you are what you modify.

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