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Nape piercing

The Nape, is the surface piercing on the back of the neck that looks like two microdermals. It uses special jewelry made out of Tygon or Titanium. This piercing must be done properly or there is a high risk of rejection. Always look at the piercers’ portfolio before allowing them to pierce you.

The Nape piercing was first popularized in the early nine- ties by the body piercer, Jon Cobb. Most people considered the Nape piercing to be too dangerous to pierce at the time. We now know that the piercing does not effect the nerves of the spinal chord.

At Master Pierce we use either Titanium surface bars or Tygon tubing when piercing the Nape. In my humble opinion, I feel that the surface bars make for a more attractive piercing as well as the risk of rejection is much lower. When using surface bars, the wearer also can choose from a wide variety of ends including gems, discs, and spikes.

In closing, the Nape piercing is an attractive surface piercing that has been around for a long time, but before you decide to get this piercing make sure you take the proper precautionary measures. Here at Master Pierce, we always put our customers first by using the highest quality body jewelry and employing well-trained piercers to meet your every piercing needs.

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