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Mom, Dad, Can I Get Pierced?

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Have you ever needed your parents permission to get pierced?  For me it happened when I was fourteen. I had been trying to convince my mother for two years to let me get my cartilage pierced and she was finally allowing me.  She was not an easily persuaded woman but I was also equally persistent. A few weeks after I turned fourteen she finally took me to the shop and after that experience I had found my missing outlet.
To all of those teens trying to convince their parents to allow them the same privilege, make sure you are prepared for all of their questions and know what they are going to ask before they do.  Knowledge is your greatest tool when attempting the seemingly impossible.
Before even thinking about approaching your guardians make sure you understand key factors with your potential piercing.  Research nice shops around the area, the difference between implant grade steel and titanium as opposed to surgical steel.  Look up the piercers portfolio, you want to ensure that they’re piercing style and work is something that entices you.  Also, talk to the perspective shop about the necessary paperwork for someone under the age of eighteen.
Once you’ve found out this information then you can start moving into the persuasion aspect. When approaching your parents make sure to show them the work that you’ve put into researching your piercing and piercer. It is also important to understand that piercings are not permanent; you can always take them out. Start simple and modestly, you always have time for more!  With this amount of information and planning in your arsenal there’s not a chance that your new piercing won’t be right around the corner.
Here at Master Pierce we have a world class staff willing to answer any of your questions.  If you need any type of reference to find that awesome piercing, feel free to look on our website where there are tons of pictures to help you find that perfect piercing.

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