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Know What You’re Talking About…

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This week has been an interesting one at the shop. So I would like to share some of the questions we got. We love every customer, but sometimes the terminology is incorrect. So below I have listed a few of the questions we hear on a regular basis and explain what should be said.
“Do you sell piercings?” Piercings is what you have that goes through your skin and body jewelry is what you buy to wear in your piercing.
“Do you have gauges?”, or “Do you gauge ears?” Gauge describes the measurement of thickness of jewelry. Plugs and Eyelets are worn in stretched earlobes. Stretching is what you do when you want to enlarge the holes in your ears.
“How much for your hoops?” Or “How much for your studs?” We don’t pierce or sell studs, but we do pierce and sell straight and curved Barbells. The rings that we have are called Captive Bead Rings or Bead Rings or Rings.
“Which ones are for my tongue ring?” The classic Tongue piercing uses a 14g 3/4 or 5/8 Barbell. Rarely is a ring used or should be used in a tongue piercing.
“Can I use a horseshoe in my piercing?” A horseshoe is a U shaped piece of metal used on the bottom of a horse. A Circular Barbell is a ring shaped barbell that is used in piercings.
“Can I get my Industrial pierced?” You can get an Industrial Piercing or you can get your helix pierced but there is no such body part as the industrial.
Now you know several correct and not so correct terms and questions. That will wrap it up for this week. Tune in next Saturday for the next exciting chapter of the Master Pierce blog. This is Hardt Von Sachs saying, take care of yourself and of each other.

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