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I Can Only Wear Gold

Here is something I hear almost daily. It’s one of the biggest mistruths in the business. The statement should say, I can’t wear surgical steel.

Stainless steel comes in many “grades”. We use stainless steel for many things. Chances are, you have silverware that’s stainless steel but its not quality good enough to wear in a piercing. Each type has its purpose. “Surgical” stainless steel isn’t rated for getting pierced, only for very healed piercings.

Implant grade stainless steel, like what Master Pierce and I pierce with is the only stainless steel that is rated for initial piercings. Sure it costs a little more, but you are worth, right? So when you get you’re next piercing, demand only implant grade steel. You’re body will love you for it. Until next week, this is Hardt Von Sachs and you are what you modify.

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