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How to Pierce Yourself

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Do you want to pierce yourself? Don’t! Here’s a simple reason that is so true that its the perfect reason not to do it. If you know enough about piercing to do your piercing then you know enough not to do it. Even the best professional piercers won’t risk a crooked piercing by doing it themselves. Every experienced piercer knows there a moment where the angles are the most important. That moment lasts less than a second but the results can last a lifetime. Here’s some more reasons to only to be pierced by professionals.
Here is a picture of Bertrand ‘Razor’ Werthing from Minnesota. This genius decided to pierce his skull with a metal rod. They have coined it the Phineas P. Gaege after the man that got a rod through the head in the mid 1800’s. he sanitizes his piercing 7 times a day and doesn’t take a shower because outside water could kill him. Don’t know about you, but I don’t want a piercing that could kill me if I took a shower or got caught in the rain. Dangerous piercings like this is why Minnesota passed a “No Self Piercing” law.
There are countless stories on the web about horrible infections caused by self piercings that lead to scars and many rounds of antibiotics. The whole time they were worried about the infection going body wide and killing them. There’s also the stories about teens piercing their tongues and causing such horrible nerve pain that they killed themselves. Is there any reason to risk dying for a piercing?
So the next time you feel the need to pierce yourself, remember these stories and research for yourself what could happen when piercings go wrong. If you have a problem with your piercing, no matter who pierced it, feel free to message me or drop by one of our locations. Until next week, take care of your piercings and they will take care of you.

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