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How to Get Your Parents to Say YES!

This week on Pierce Life, we are talking to just to the underage readers about getting your parents to say yes to your next piercing. (Quick disclaimer, Master Pierce does not suggest or recommend any extreme mods, nipples or genitals when you’re under 18 and there will be some work involved on your part). If you’re ready, lets get started.

First thing first – the Set Up. This means for the next 2-4 weeks, longer the better, you must act like the perfect child. Do your homework, your chores and anything else they nag you to do. You need to do it for a long enough time that they forget what kind of child you really are and so they don’t suspect anything. While you are being you’re very best, take this time to do some research. Find out the best place to get pierced. Watch my video How to Pick the Perfect Piercer if you need help with this. Once you found the best place, call them. Find out how much your piercing will cost and what IDs and/or paperwork you will need. Each state is different.

Second – the Delivery. Timing is everything on this. Wait until you find a time when your parents are in a good mood. Make sure not to ask if you’re in trouble. If one of your parents are easier than the other, start with that one. Talk to them in a calm, mature manner. Be ready for them to ask you why you want it. Have some great reasons like “I want to express myself now when I’m young before I enter the workforce”. Never say you want it because your friends have it. Be willing to compromise and have a less extreme ear piercing as a back. This shows you are mature and allows them ease into the whole piercing thing. Most importantly, be ready for them to say no. Don’t get mad. Just say ok. Keep being the perfect child and ask again in a couple of weeks. If possible, pay for the piercing with your own money. This can help a lot.

Lastly – the Execution. After they say yes, it’s time to get pierced. Find a day and time that works best for your parent. Make sure you know where the shop is. Have all the right paperwork ready. Bring extra money for tax and aftercare. Eat before hand. Now you’re ready to get pierced. Enjoy.

There you have it. 3 easy steps to get your parents to say yes. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at or message us on our Facebook page. We will have additional tips all week on Facebook and our Twitter page. Thank you for reading this week’s Pierce Life. My name is Hardt Von Sachs and we are Master Pierce. You are what you modify.

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