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How Strippers Changed Body Piercing

“Girls, Girls, Girls! All Nude! All Night! We got tall ones, short ones, pretty ones, sexy ones; we even have pierced ones! ”

Now that I have your undivided attention, lets keep talking about strippers (ahem, I mean Exotic Performers.) and the many benefits that they provided the world of body piercing. (Besides the obvious ones)

Today there is much more of mainstream’s acceptance to what we do. Piercing shops can now advertise along side almost any business. Ten to twenty years ago, we were traditionally stuck in the sections with the ads for escorts or the latest singles call lines or faced not advertising at all. These placements did nothing for the professional image that we were seeking. Our only remaining sources of promotion were flyers, expensive T.V. or radio commercials, and word of mouth.  It hasn’t even been all that long since the Yellow Pages begun listing body piercing separately than the tattoo parlors. So with all of this going against us, how did we reach people from every walk of life?

Erotic Performers were our diamond in the rough. Every night with their tanned skin, perfumed bodies, and silicone implants, these piercing displays on heels reached more future customers in a weekend than we could in 6 months of flyers. And the best part was that it didn’t cost us a dime!

Now you may be asking yourself how such a relatively small group of entertainers made such a large impact. Mentally transport yourselves back 10-12 years ago. The most common piercing of the day was the navel. It’s kind of hard to see when covered by a shirt. Now try and remember the first person that you saw with a piercing. Can I see a raise of hands from everyone that first saw a piercing on a stripper?

Exotic dancers are beautiful, model like women that are nude for the majority of their shift. There is nothing to conceal their piercings. There in a bar where the general attitude is fun and almost anything goes. And the piercings made the girls appear more naughty and sexy, therefore, making them more money through increased attentions by the customers. The positive reaction made them some of our most loyal supporters. They consistently bought jewelry upgrades, new piercings, and lots of beads and threaded balls. (I’m sure you can guess why.)

First there was an increase of dancers to our studios, but soon their customers began to get pierced. After the customers came the customers’ friends. And so on and so on…

No other group, except piercers, created a presence that could be felt at the studios. They were the perfect representatives for the new piercing movement. Young, beautiful, worshiped at work, and with a daily source of disposable incomes. They were more the face of body piercing to the general public than body piercers were. It was a good time to know as many dancers as you could afford.

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