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How Much Does It Hurt?

As you probably know, the pain from getting pierced is actually very little. In most cases, it feels like a little pinch similar to getting a shot from the doctors. It’s the psychological aspects that scares us the most, but I have laid out some tips that will help you enjoy your piercing experience.

Do your research to find a good piercer. There’s nothing worse than a clumsy or grumpy piercer. The attitude, grace and talents of a good piercer will make your piercing go smoothly as you laugh the entire time.

DO demand to be pierced with Internally Threaded jewelry only. Body jewelry threading comes in two different versions. Externally has threads on the outside of the shaft and Internal has them on the inside. The Internal threads won’t scrape and tear the delicate tissue when it’s inserted after the piercing. What that means to you? It means that piercings performed with these threads hurt half as much as the other.

DO eat before you get pierced. It’s amazing how much eating a balanced meal at least two hours before your piercing will help. It increases your blood sugar to help eliminate any fainting and it removes any grumpiness from being hungry. It’s best not to eat anything that will make you hyper though.

DO have supportive friends and/or family. Moral support is a wonderful way to ease the stress. Gather your loved ones that are supportive of you getting this piercing. Don’t bring ones that are scared of blood or think piercings are bad in any way. It is also a good idea to pick the friends that can focus on you without the need to be the center of attention.

DON’T get pierced if you are in a hurry. Everyone feels stress if they are running late or in a hurry so it’s best to avoid getting pierced if this is the case. Come when you have plenty of time and you don’t feel under pressure.

Piercings are only as enjoyable as you make them. If you follow these simple tips, you will be well on your way to a great experience. Until next week, this is Hardt Von Sachs of Master Pierce. You are what you modify.

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