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How Much Does a Piercing Cost


Have you ever wondered why piercing prices differ from shop to shop?
Shouldn’t the same piercing cost the same no matter where you go? The
answers can make the difference between a successful piercing and a
failure that leaves a nasty scar forever.
Piercings are priced according to the quality level of a few crucial
elements: body jewelry used, the piercers’ level of skill and experience,
the shop’s location and appearance, and customer service. Let’s take a
closer look at each category.
Body jewelry is like different brands of cars, there is cheap crap and
expensive luxury types. Never get pierced with externally-threaded,
surgical steel jewelry. They are prone to infections and rejections.
Shops buy this type because it is so cheap that they can offer super
cheap pricesĀ  to lure customers in. Demand that only internally-threaded,
implant grade jewelry is used.
Next is the level of skill and experience of your piercer. This one
should go without saying but many do not realize that all piercers are
not created equal. Before you choose a piercer, ask how long they have
been piercing, how they learned to pierce and look at their portfolio of
past work. You won’t be as nervous to get pierced if you have confidence
in your piercer.
The shop’s location and appearance can be a good indication of quality
because great piercings are rarely found in ugly, worn down shops in bad
neighborhoods. Look for shops that are clean, well lit and located in
safer areas of town or in malls. Places like these can only be rented by
reputable businesses. These factors should give you peace of mind.
Lastly, customer satisfaction is so important. Everyone knows what it
feels like to be treated poorly when you’re spending your hard earned
money somewhere. The staff should be polite, helpful and knowledgeable.
The staff should make you feel comfortable as soon as you enter the door.
If they are rude, go somewhere else.
There you have it, the top reasons why prices may vary among shops.
Although all of these factors may cost more, it’s worth spending extra
when you get all the extra benefits. See you next week for another
exciting Master Pierce blog installment.

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