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How Do I Become A Piercer?

Body Piercing apprenticeship at Master Pierce

This long asked question can be answered in one word – Apprenticeship. That’s how most piercers became piercers. Getting one is easier said than done though. Most shops don’t have enough room or time to train someone new. Most piercers fear that they are training a cheaper replacement. So you’re kind of stuck in limbo. Until now.
Master Pierce is accepting resumes for a new piercing apprenticeship that has opened up. You will be trained in sunny South Florida by our 20 years experienced Head Piercer, Hardt Von Sachs, and then relocated to one of our upcoming studios. This is a rare opportunity for a chosen few. So hurry and be the first to submit your resume and include a page of why you want to learn to pierce. Send all resumes through the Employment section of our website,, and PM us on our Facebook page with any questions. We are excited to welcome you to our family.

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