How big is too big to stretch your earlobes? | Master Pierce Ltd.

How big is too big to stretch your earlobes?

The main concern with stretching is how big is acceptable and how big can I go and still have them back to normal. If you don’t have a job yet I wouldn’t recommend going over 10g and try to use t…he least flashy plugs or spacers as possible. The general rule is that don’t stretch past 0 if you want them to go back. But every person is different and how fast you stretch makes a difference. Also, how long you’ve had your stretched lobes makes a difference. Remember to always stretch slow the bigger the stretch the bigger the wait should be. And remember as you age your earlobes will stretch themselves. So always leave room to grow if you plan on wearing them for life. But you should really have a job and life established before deciding to do this too large.

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