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Happy Fourth of July!

Our country’s birthday is this week. It is one of my favorite holidays. Friends and family gather together for good times and fireworks and who doesn’t love fireworks. Holidays like this one are good and bad for piercings but with my help, your piercings won’t only survive but they will amaze and impress.

If you love your piercings as much as I do, holidays are a great place to show off any new piercings and/or new jewelry. So every year for Christmas and Fourth of July, I make sure to have something to show off. When everyone is talking about their boring jobs or lives in the suburbs, I am the one that people gather around to ask questions. It amazes me that even in these modern times how interesting everyone finds a little piece of metal sticking out of various body parts, especially microdermals. To make it more interesting, I like to have a story behind it like why I got it, who was with me, anything funny that happened or why a specific piece of jewelry is special due to its quality, like Anatometal, or any special meaning behind it. These days you can get holiday jewelry like the American flags navel jewels that Master Pierce sells for the Fourth. When talking about a new piercing, everyone loves pictures and videos so make sure you take a lot.

New piercings and holidays don’t always mix so plan ahead when you plan to celebrate. Pack Tegederm to cover and seal a new piercing if you plan to swim. Get your new oral piercing at least one week in an advance if you plan to drink. Sometimes celebrating can get crazy so make sure you have an extra ball for each piece of jewelry. If you follow these easy tips, you will eliminate any problems for 95% of common problems.

Fourth of July is almost here so don’t waste another minute. When making your list of needed things, don’t forget to add new piercings and/or jewelry between the food and fireworks. Be the talk of the party by bringing the best food, fireworks and piercings. Happy Fourth. Be safe and pierce responsibly.

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