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Okay kids, today’s blog will be about cleaning methods. I’ve tried a pretty much everything. And of course EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT, so if your current method isn’t working maybe switching to one of these will help you. 1. First let me say Alcohol/Hydrogen Peroxide is NOT good for piercings!!! They are way too harsh, cause dryness, and create extra scar tissue. 2. Anti-bacterial soap once a day, not a bad method, but I feel that it dries piercings out. 3. Saline solution on q-tips, I did this for a long time and this is my piercers favorite method, but personally it’s not my favorite. I feel that the saline isn’t sterile in their bottles and the q-tips are pores and can get dirty as well. 4. Wound Wash, this method worked for me, but I’ve seen a few people not respond too well too it, plus when you buy wound wash you run out quickly. 5. Anti-microbial soap alone, not too bad keeps the piercings clean, but no way to get the crust off during the day since it should be max once a day.


So! With all that being said my personal favorite cleaning method is a pea size of anti-microbial soap in the shower and h2ocean WITHOUT q-tips during the day is the best way for me to clean my piercings :)

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