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The Urban Dictionary defines Gauging as: A slang word for stretching of a body pierc- ing. The correct term is stretching. Ear stretching has been practiced by various tribes from many countries in Africa, Eurasia and America for thousands of years. They found that Otze the Iceman (3300 BC) had his ears stretched to 11mm, the famous King Tutankhamen had his ears stretched, and even Gautama Buddha had stretched ears that you can see in all of his statues. The reasons for the stretching varies greatly from cultural to religious purposes. The materials were usually organic, like bone, horn, wood and stone. We have changed a lot from what was done in the past but we are still stretching in the same ways that Budhha and Tutankhamen did.

In today’s culture, ears are normally started from small holes that were pierced by ear piercing guns. We gradually put larger sized jewelry in until we get to the size that we want. There are as many reasons for stretching ears as there are different kinds of jewelry that can be used, but the most common reason is: They look so freaking cool!

Ear stretching should be done safely and never too fast. When possible, it should only be done by a professional body piercer using stainless steel tapers that have been sterilized and never stretch faster than one size a month. Going faster than that can cause serious problems and scar your ears for life, even ripping them in half!. Look below at some of the pictures below of what can happen when ears are not stretched by professional.piercing_blow-out-2

Stretched ears are a great look but like with everything in life, moderation and pa- tience is the key. If you have any questions, email us and I will quickly answer your question. If you want your ears stretched properly by one of our professional piercer using one of the many sizes and designs of gauge jewelry in our selection then just come by your local Master Pierce location and our staff will be more than happy to help you. We are here to help, so there is no reason to go through the pain of stretching yourself at home and possibly causing permanament and ugly damage to your ears.

So until next time, this is head piercer, Hardt Von Sachs saying –
I’m pierced, therefore I am

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