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Darwin be proud

For 5000 years, people have been piercing themselves in all sorts of places for all sorts of reasons. For 20 years, people have told me that body piercing is just a fad and that it won’t last. I say, tell that to the people that were getting pierced 3000 years before Christ was born. Today’s current piercing trends are merely just a new stage of the evolution of body piercing. If he was still around, I believe even Charles Darwin would be impressed.
In the past, if you wanted anything pierced, you had to search for often shady and unethical men to perform the procedure in poorly lit back rooms. Infections were common due to their unhygienic techniques and instruments. Their techniques varied greatly from one practitioner to another due to the lack of communication.
In 1975, body piercing took a giant leap forward in its evolution through the works of 3 piercing pioneers, Doug Malloy, Jim Ward (Gauntlet) and Fakir Musafar. With the help of others from around the world, they created many of the piercing techniques and designs of body jewelry that we used today. There’s no telling what the world of stainless steel would look like without their contributions.
When Gauntlet opened their first piercing studio, the world had a safe, professional and sterile business for all their piercing needs. This opened the door to a whole new world. Since that opening day, body piercing has taken leaps and bounds towards improving every aspect of this new industry. By the mid ’90s, body piercing shops were out of the closet and could be found everywhere. This stage of evolution introduced body piercing as a profitable business. This has its pros and cons.
Flash forward to modern times. Most shops are tattoo street shops that may or may not offer piercing. The body jewelry selection is small and rarely changes. Each shop is the same as the last except for a few outstanding piercing shops that provide excellent services and products. But as the saying goes, the only constant is change. Evolution keeps advancing and now it has taken its next leap in the introduction of Master Pierce, coming to a mall near you very soon. Witness the next stage of body piercing at one of our location. Charles Darwin would be proud.darwin

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