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Complete Yourself


“Body Piercing is NOT an addition to one’s body, but more of a completion of what was missing when we were born”
There are many reasons to get pierced. For many, there are even more reasons not to get pierced but that portion of the population becomes smaller each day and eventually the non pierced will be considered the “freaks” … But I digress. In my opinion, everyone gets pierced for one basic reason, to finish or complete what is missing.
Here’s where many laugh and say I’m crazy or that I’m thinking way too much about it. They often blurt out their reasons why they got pierced trying to prove me wrong. Here’s a few of the reasons I commonly hear and how they are all basically different versions of the Completion rule.
“I got pierced because it looked cute.” This one is easy to prove. If you’re getting pierced because it makes you more cute then we can assume that you has a distinctive “look” as your goal and this specific piercing is the only way to COMPLETE this cute appearance. This line of reasoning also works with other comments like “I wanted to look different” or “I wanted to look cool”.
“My piercing(s) were done for sexual reasons.” In this situation, the specific goal of the wearer is to use the piercing to increase sexual stimulation either physically or psychologically. In other words, the piercing is needed to COMPLETE any number of sexual acts. Personally, I find this reason an excellent demonstration of humanity and charity shown by the wearer putting the needs of another in front of their own needs and these people should be respected as the great caregivers that they are. In fact, a Nobel peace prize should be given to anyone getting pierced to provide pleasure to others. “My lover finds it sexy” is another great example of being unselfish.
“I got my piercing to upset my parents/ex/work.” This is a double completion example. In order for the desired effect, one must COMPLETE a specific packaged appearance and also an action is performed to COMPLETE a desired effect. See also, “I got pierced because my lover finds it cute” and “My piercings help me to fit in with my friends.”
So there you have it. Just a handful of examples of how all piercings are done for a completion process of some type. We would love to hear your reasons for getting pierced. Leave your reason in the Comments section below and we will reply with your completion reason. Tune in next week for another reason to tune in next week. This is Hardt Master Pierce head piercer saying, a happy hole is a filled hole.

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