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Choose Your Weapon – Nose Jewelry

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here are many different kinds of nose jewelry on the market but most will break down into 4 different basic categories – Nose Labret, Nostril Screw, Nose Bones and the L Shaped U Bends. The first two types can be used for initial piercings but the second two types should only be used for very healed piercings. Lets discuss them first.
Nose bones are short pieces with a small ball on one side and a gem or design on the other side. U Bends are usually 20g with a gem or design on the end of a short piece of wire that “U Bend” into an L shape at your desired length. They are both usually made from Sterling Silver which has nickel and can not be used for the initial piercing and healing.

Nose Piercing-what jewelry to use     Nose Jewelry
The classic Nostril Screw is usually an 18g wire with a gem, ball, disc, or design on one end and the wire that is bent in a manner where it is comfortable and creates its own back. The picture below shows what it looks like. It’s the larger one in the middle of the other 2 types. It’s made from a wide variety of metals and can be used for the initial piercing.
A Nose Labret is the newest design to the market and it solves all the problems that the other types create. This piece has a short shaft with a small disc on one side and a threaded or thread less ball or gem on the other side. The ones we use at Master Pierce are custom made for us based on our original design by our Head Piercer, Hardt Von Sachs. He originally created this design for his fiancé with allergies and couldn’t find anything that worked for her. This design has a one piece, internally threaded, implant grade titanium shaft with a 2mm disc back. A 18 or 16g gem or ball can be used. The length is custom sized for the thickness of the individual nose. They can be used for initial piercing and for healed piercings. They are the most comfortable and safest for your piercing that you will find.
So now you know the different kinds and their names. Now you ask for your desired jewelry by name the next time you’re at Master Pierce. See you next week.

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