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Body Piercings in the Workplace

You will never get a job with that piercing! That use to be the case years ago but more and more businesses are allowing it these days. When I started piercing 20 years ago, it was so uncommon to hear about a business that allowed facial piercings that my shop would keep a list of the places that allowed it. Unfortunately, the list was small.
Flash forward to modern days and you will find an increasing number of workplaces that don’t discriminate on body art. The list of companies that allow it and even encourage it includes: Borders book stores, Ford Motor Company, Wahoo’s, Google and many others.
Many companies still make it difficult to be hired with piercings that show but at least now you can’t be fired for being pierced unless an official change to the dress code is made. They cant single you out. Times they are a changing and the face of the modern professional world has piercings. I can’t wait to see how we look in another 20 years.

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