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Body Piercing Scars

We all have scars from piercings we once loved. Little reminders of various cherished phases of our lives that holds deep meaning for us. When we look at these marks, a flooding of memories comes rushing back as if it was yesterday. It is a great thing when this happens, but what if they didn’t?

There are many reasons why we retire a piercing. Sometimes we don’t have a choice like when a piercing migrates out or simply won’t heal. Whether by choice or not, in most cases, evidence will remain for years to come, maybe for life. We must always remember this when we get pierced. If you are like me, it won’t stop you but as I get older, it gives me pause to think about my decision to get pierced. Time is but the seed that wisdom grows.

Master Pierce has strict age limits for piercings. We look forward to a long and satisfied future with each and every customer. In our decades of experience, we have learned many things about performing the piercings, healing them and the effects after they are retired. The age limits that we practice comes from this experience and from our compassion towards our customers’ future. The places that pierce any age simply can’t say that. For your next piercing, take pause, and chose a piercer that really cares.

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